By: Erik Taylor

New Year's Resolutions for Homeowners

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Despite high debt loads and reduced affordability, owning a home continues to be a priority for most Canadians.

Key Takeaways here:

Heading into a new year, we feel an obligation to make resolutions…

1. Lose weight.
Losing the weight of excess possessions save time (you know, like looking everywhere for your shoes in a cluttered bedroom), money (where did I put that bill?) and your mind (psychologists agree that clutter and stress go hand-in-hand).
2. Get organized.
The logical next step to decluttering is to find a logical place for what’s left.
Need inspiration? Walk through a home storage store or get yourself on Pinterest for some seriously clever organizational ideas.

3. Save energy.
Saving energy is good for the planet and it’s also great for your pocketbook. EnergyStar appliances are just the start.
4. Build green.
Going green is more than energy usage. It’s also about sustainability and healthful choices in finishes

5. Get healthy.
Create a workout space in your home, so there’s no excuse when gyms are closed (due to Covid right now) or when the weather turns. If you’re looking to get outside and move, check out neighborhoods with nearby trails.
6. Just fix it.
You’ve walked by that broken switch plate how many times? Go through the house like a home inspector and create a checklist of repairs that need to be done. When it comes time to sell and appraise your house, you’ll be glad these were done.
7. Set yourself (debt) free.
Paying off debt sets you free in so many ways, plus it’s great for your credit score. Think of all the things you could do in the future with the money you save on payments and interest (maybe even pay off your home early — see no. 12).
8. Remodel right.
Is it time to update a dated bathroom? Replace the garage door? If you’re wondering what improvements will lead to a better ROI when you sell contact your agent. Find out what improvements are best for your neighborhood and house type.
9. Plan to maintain.
Create a maintenance calendar to remember those routine maintenance tasks, such as replacing furnace air filters, changing smoke detector batteries and winterizing sprinklers.
10. Invest.
Is this the year to buy a rental property? The answer is YES! This will really require you to understand your financial situation, so talk to your financial advisor and an agent who understands investment properties.
11. Get dirty.
Landscaping is essential to curb appeal. So this year, really plan to keep up with it or think about going to a more easy-care style. Out back, consider a garden to save money on better produce. Get a composter for garden and food waste.
12. Make extra mortgage payments.
You can take thousands of dollars and years off your mortgage by putting an extra amount towards the principal each month.
13. Cook dinner.
You know that fabulous kitchen you had to have when you bought your home? Use it! You’ll also eat healthier at home by controlling what goes into your body. If you own a home with a less-than-stellar kitchen, cooking will probably motivate you to make some appliance and feature upgrades that will pay off when you sell.
Your house is your biggest asset. While not all of these resolutions are essential, aim to start out by focusing on your mortgage and personal finances.

Here’s to a healthier, happier and successful New Year in 2021!

Feel free to give me a call if I can help you out on your journey in homeownership.
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