By: Erik Taylor

Things to Do This January to Keep Busy At Home

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Now that the holidays are over, and we are heading into the thick of winter, you may be asking yourself, “now what?” Here’s a list of things to do this month that will keep you sane, busy, and may even improve your mood.
Now we’re not saying you have to brave the great outdoors when it’s below freezing (although snow activities like skiing or sledding are always sure-fire ways to burn some energy). We’ve compiled plenty of indoor activities to keep you busy as a bee. 


Take down the holiday decorations- Just do!
 (If you haven’t already done it)


Buy yourself (or someone else) some flowers
The grocery has small inexpensive bouquet that can really brighten up your desk or someone else’s day.

Visit your local library online
You may think because the libraries are closed due to covid, you can still order online for a curbside pick-up. Your local library has lot so great offerings: audiobooks, CDs, --All free of charge.

Get organized
Whip those cluttered closets and messy pantries into shape once and for all!   Check out these closet organization tips to get you started.

Call and catch up with friends
No texting allowed! Hearing the sound of a loved one's voice will warm your soul more than a steaming cup of hot chocolate!


Exercise at home
Create your own bodyweight workouts with these exercises—know them, love them, crush them: Find out these workout moves

Put together a puzzle

This is perfect for extra-chilly days. Set the puzzle up on a mat so that it’s easy to move around and complete in stages.

 Learn a new language
Got a holiday planned for the summer? Get prepared now by starting to learn the language – there are plenty of online courses.

Have a bubble bath
Add a few drops of essential oil for extra relaxation.


Learn to knit
Knit yourself a cozy scarf in your favourite colours.

Read a book
Pick up a good novel and the hours will fly by – goodbye boredom.

Write a bucket list
Making plans for the future is always fun.

Start a scrapbook
 Take photos, write diary entries, and collect happy memories.

Have a family pajama day
PJs all day? Yes, please! Host your own pajama day at home by insisting the whole family stay in their cozy PJs all day long. It's the perfect opportunity to watch movies, bake cookies, and play board games.

Build a blanket fort
Add fairy lights to make it extra magical.

Organize an indoor treasure hunt
Loads of fun for kids – get creative with your clues and hiding places.

Put music on and dance
Let off some steam without having to leave the house.

Play video games
Choose an immersive game and it could last you the whole winter.